Can’t afford a lawyer?

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letter to help you
get what you deserve.

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What's a demand letter?

A demand letter is a professional and persuasive letter that you can send to someone who owes you something.

Who writes these letters?

Not just a bot! An experienced Canadian lawyer wrote the templates, He’s worked in the non-profit sector for years and that inspired him to offer this free service.

How does it work?

You answer a few questions, then we’ll send a customized letter to your email. No fees. No sign up. 

You’ll then be able to read and edit it whenever you like before you email or mail it to the other side.

Why a demand letter?

Surveys about people’s legal problems show that attempting to contact the other side is the hardest part, especially without help. Many people in this situation do nothing. We’re helping you to take the first step.

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