If you’ve been let go, you might be owed more than you think.

No matter what the reason, getting fired stings. You might be feeling angry, frustrated and surprised. And you probably have a lot of questions, like:

  • Do they have to pay me vacation time that I haven’t taken?
  • Am I allowed to call my boss about this? What about my co-workers?
  • Aren’t employees entitled to some sort of severance payment? How much?

A lot of the answers depend on where you’re located, how long you were working there, and what’s in your employment contract (or whether you even had one!). Employment laws vary from province to province, state to state, and country to country. Do your own research. Does your contract it specify an amount of severance if you get fired for no good reason? Google your province or state employment laws: are you entitled to a minimum payment?

A good lawyer would point you in the right direction. But lawyers are expensive.

The first thing a lawyer might do is review your documents, assess the situation, and then write a demand letter to your former employer. This isn’t the same as filing a lawsuit — lawyers often start with a strongly worded letter to try to compel the other side to settle a claim before you go to court. And it works. Forceful, persuasive and clear demand letters get results.

That’s where Write My Rights comes in, to help you down the road of getting the severance payment you deserve by writing you a free demand letter.

Write My Rights doesn’t replace a lawyer. In fact, a lawyer may be your best option. But the best option is often the most expensive option.

So let us get you started. We’ll prepare a custom demand letter for you. Think of it as a helpful step in pushing you to fix this legal problem. Answer a few questions, and we’ll email you the letter and make it available for you to download. It’s fast, free and easy.

Having done some research, and with a demand letter in hand, you’ll feel empowered. And you’ll be on your way to solving things without spending money on professional help.

Ready to get started? Write a demand letter for compensation for getting fired without cause.