It’s never easy to deal with noisy neighbours. It’s even harder to confront them.

It’s 9pm. You’ve had a long day at work. You’ve finished eating and have finally cleaned up your place. The kids are (hopefully) asleep. All you want to do is dig into a good book or binge the latest series.

But then it happens. This always seems to happen. The walls next door start to vibrate. More voices can be heard. And it keeps getting louder and louder. Your neighbours, and their guests (or is it their TV?!) are Making. A lot of. Noise.

You’ve complained before. One night you got the courage to knock on their door and ask them to turn it down. And they did, if only for thirty minutes. When you bring it up to your building manager, they either don’t try or don’t care to help you at all. And calling the police? Yes, you tried that once too, but they arrived hours later after the noise had already stopped.

So what else can you do? Legally, you have options.

These situations typically fall under the law of nuisance. If somebody’s behaviour causes an unreasonable ongoing nuisance, you might have a valid claim against them for loss of peaceful enjoyment of your property. To enforce this, you’d have to file a claim (likely at Small Claims Court — it depends on where you’re located).

But there are steps you can take before filing a legal claim that won’t take as much time or money (especially if it’s not worth it to hire a lawyer). You can send a written complaint to deal with noisy neighbours.

Write My Rights can prepare a strongly worded letter to show you how to deal with noisy neighbours.

In less than a few minutes, we’ll guide you through a few questions to get your letter set up. You’ll get a customized letter (either emailed to you or to download from the app) that will help you get your point across firmly and persuasively. You’ll have the chance to review and edit it before you print it out and slip it under their door. Give it a try — it’s fast, free, and easy, with no sign up required.

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